Zombie-Apokalypse für den Geographie-Unterricht

(via boingboing / Link zum Video)

Langweiliger Schulunterricht kann der reinste Horror sein. David Hunters Konzept, das Schüler für Geographie begeistern soll, ist auch Horror - aber alles andere als öde. Darum geht es beim "Zombie-based Learning":
"...What we’re doing here, is teaching how to be a geographer by learning skills needed to survive a zombie apocalypse. Imagine being in a classroom where instead of reading about maps, you’re designing them to show the spread of a zombie outbreak. Instead of reading about the distribution of resources on Earth in a textbook, you are researching available resources to plan your post-outbreak settlement. I’m not just talking about learning where places are or memorizing capitals of states or countries, I’m talking about learning the deeper concepts of geography that geographers actually use. And all in an exciting scenario..."
Pickelhering über die Living Dead: